Fursuit feature: Chibiwolf Fursuit debut

Chibiwolf Fursuit

Meet Chibi the wolf, our newest member to our ever-growing family of fursuiters in the fandom! He is all decked out in his yellow, white fur and totally sporty in his sports jersey. As it is his first fursuit, it is Chibi’s first time into the foray of fursuiting, and a first for him too in Sunny Tropical Singapore. His suit is made by our local Singapore fursuit maker talent Tenebrae as a partial costume, which when worn together with regular clothing makes fursuiting in our hot climate here more bearable than a fully-covered fursuit body suit.

Check out his new suit!


We can guess it’s a matter of time where we have our sporty yellow wolf kicking in our fursuit events, it does takes an art to suit here in the hot humid tropical weather here in Singapore! We wish Chibi (Twitter: @ChibiWuff) the best in his new fursuiting endeavors!


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