SEA and East Asian Furry Conventions

Our friends over at adjectivespecies had compiled a very informative infographic of all the Furry conventions in the East Asia region. The Furry fandom has indeed grown in this part of the world, with an explosion of South East & East Asian Furry communities in the region. A number of furry conventions also ensured, with Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia having their very first furry conventions within the past year.

Listed in the infographic includes veterans like Kemocon and JMof (Japan meeting of Furries) in Japan, to newcomers like the Philippines Anthro festival, Thai tails, Morph parade, China National Furry Party in GuangZhou and Infurmity in Taiwan.

Check out the article: Visualization of South East & East Asian Furry Conventions by Ralphie Raccoon.

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