Fuzzballs at Japanese Themepark Marathon

What do you get when you have a bunch of thrill seeking furs looking for an adraelaine thrill in Japan after JMoF? Go on a theme park marathon of course! Our resident Japanese dancer fur, Were, was kind to host the Thai, Malaysian and Singapore furs to check out a couple Theme parks in the region. We visited Nagashima Spaland, Fuji-Q highland and Luna park. Due to the logistical challenges in traveling long distances tot he theme park and being unable to suit on the rides, there were no fursuits featured in this visit. Just plain old vanilla fun with the roller coasters with our furiends!

Najishima spa land Steel Dragon 2000 coaster


Najishima spa land is a massive park in Kuwana, Mie, complete with 45 rides and 12 roller coasters. The coaster to ride here will be the Steel Dragon 2000 hyper-coaster (6th fastest in the world), which runs through both ends of the park and Acrobat, a B&M flying roller coaster themed to a flying bat.

Fuji-Q Takabisha Coaster


Fuji-Q highland is known for record-breaking thrill rides such as Eejanaika and Takabisha, it’s also the only park where you can get snow given its geographical proximity to Mount Fuji in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Japan. It is home to a couple of 7 roller coasters, such as the speed-crazy Fujiyama and crazy Eejanaika- a 4th Dimensional roller coaster (second in the world) with independent 360 degree rotating seats. Takabisha is also another recording holding launched coaster with a beyond-vertical 121 degree drop.

LaQua Thunder dolphin coaster and Big O Ferris Wheel


Lastly, Tokyo dome city is a theme park located in the heart of busy Tokyo city. LaQua is literally a theme park in a mall building with an open concept- a mixed-used building with theme park attractions and flat rides littered all around the compound. There are rides catered to all ages, with key attraction being the Thunder dolphin roller coaster running right through the external façade of the building. The Big O Ferris wheel is also an icon of the theme park, offering panoramic views of not only the park but the Tokyo skyline all round.

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