SGfurs Prata Buffet and chill out session


We at SGFurs are gluttons for food, and what other better way to celebrate our love for food than a prata buffet organised for all our fuzzy foodies. For a flat rate of $7, this prata place in the east (near Kembangan MRT Station) allows for an unlimited amount of orders of different pratas from their menu within a 2 hour timeframe, and were we all stuffed at the end of the buffet!

Pearbombs dinner spread!

But that is not it, the fuzzies were then treated to the culinary skills of @Pearbombs1, who brought his home-cooked Swedish cuisine during dinner at @Azerawr condominium place for the night. Feast your eyes on the home-cooked goodness! The group had fun at the condo swimming pool and games of Drawful.

Games of Drawful

Many thanks to Ark and Strafy for organising the buffet and @Pearbombs for the fantastic home-cooked dinner at @Azerawr place.

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