Confuzzled 2013- The Middle Ages: A Mediaeval Fayre

ConFuzzled is UK’s premiere annual furry convention, and ConFuzzled 2013 was the sixth iteration of the British convention ConFuzzled, and was held in Leicestershire, United Kingdom from May 30th to June 3rd, 2013 at the at Hinckley Island hotel, with the convention theme – “The Middle Ages: A Mediaeval Fayre”. Expect to see much a medieval fair with lots of swash buckling sword fighting and jousting! Even the hotel is completely decked with the castles and knights theme, it does make you feel like a king.

Fox Amoore on the tunes!

Convention events includes the usual panels, games, the dance competitions as well as band performances by our European Furs, including guest start Fox Amoore! A staple event of Confuzzled (and Europe furry conventions) will be the pawpets show. It’s a 1 hour long live hand-puppet show/skit performance done with a combination of voice overs and audio-visual effects. The audience who stuck around also even got to see behind the scenes on stage after a Pawpet show!

Behind the Scenes of a pawpet show!

The hotel was also excellent in taking care of congoers. The suites are magnificent, very roomy, and a great space to stay in. All other rooms are very spacious and mod cons. The hotel has an indoor heated pool as well as a large Jacuzzi with jet showers, right water temperatures, incredibly relaxing. The pool is also well frequented by the local community as well, where entry is also extended to them.

The hotel is suited right next to open plains and a very tranquil lakeside, which is especially blissful in the mornings. It offers great views and a lovely place to unwind with a beer from the hotel bar. You can get rather excellent view of the lake from the upper floors provided better views, especially along the executive wing.

Relaxing by the lake

ConFuzzled 2013 overal is one of excellent event management, down from the stay, venue to the events. Even food in the remote hotel was well managed through food vouchers and mass pizza orders from con goers. Any operational issues were resolved swiftly and with little issue, with the convention ops really experienced in their field and aware of their responsibilities and involvement to the event. They were operationally always very proactive, but when the need arouse, quickly reactive to resolving any problems.

A well recommended con UK can be proud of!

We are not done yet, check out the photos of Confuzzled 2013:

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