Photo shoot at Toyokawa Inari (稲荷神社 Inari Jinja) fox shrine

Fox (shinto) shrines are a common thing in Japan to worship the god Inari, Not far off from Nagoya city is the Inari (Fox) shrine in the city of Toyokawa in eastern Aichi Prefecture, Japan. There are many Inari shrines in Japan, the one here resides right here in Toyokawa is the head temple (Sōhonzan) of Inari temples.

Past the shrine main wooden doors and courtyard is the shrine’s main temple, which leads to several temples in the shrine main compound. Fursuiters at JMoF were ablaze with the visitation of the shrine in fursuit, with several unique photo opportunities, yet still respecting the sacred grounds of the shrine.

Check out the photos of the Fox shrine furry visit:

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